Hear My Voice: A Prison Prayer Book

A new resource: Hear My Voice: A Prison Prayer Book is a beautiful print resource developed in response to the call from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America‘s Social Statement, “The Church and Criminal Justice: Hearing the Cries.” It is intended primarily for those in correctional facilities and for use by chaplains and others with relationships to those who are incarcerated. Developed through a collaborative process with the ELCA and Augsburg Fortress, Hear My Voice draws upon the gifts of writers with diverse connections to the criminal justice system. Congregations are encouraged to purchase and distribute to those in their communities who are serving sentences in the criminal justice system.

This prayer book, enhanced with color artwork by Robyn Sand Anderson, provides prayers for many times and circumstances and invites those who are incarcerated to spend time in prayer, trusting in God’s never failing love for them and the whole world.

Here is one of the prayers from this excellent new book:


Jesus of freedom, some of your own disciples, like Peter and John and Paul and many other followers since then – and even you – have been held in prison and not known what was happening outside, how long the doors would be locked, or it they would ever be opened. But even trapped in prison, those who trusted you found a way to live with hope and freedom. Help me to have that same freedom that you give and that they knew. Grant me the spirit I need to find joy while inside these fences and walls. I ask this in your holy name. Amen.

ISBN: 978-1-5064-4960-9
Published 1 July 2019

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