Easter Communion

Canada Goose and babies, April 2023
Canada Goose and babies, April 2023

St. Joan’s Chapel supported the Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy and Stepping Stones Gathering in bringing holy communion to 103 Elmwood jail inmates to celebrate Easter 2023. Rev. Bertram Nagarajah, John Plocher, and Katy Dickinson went in together to five dorms on Easter afternoon to celebrate with the men in our county jail. Other CIC chaplains brought services to the remaining dorms during Holy Week. On the way in and out, we enjoyed viewing wildlife that shares the jail campus: Canada Geese, Black-crowned Night Herons, Mallard Ducks, Snowy Egrets, crows, and ground squirrels. Cats, bats, and rats are around but do not show themselves so readily. The geese and herons are nesting and some pairs bring their little goslings to visit.

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